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Not every shipping company is engaged in international cargo transportation, as it requires technical equipment at the European level and high standards of personnel training.

In addition, international transportation is comlpicated be the need for a wide range of additional services and capabilities of the transport company, such as:

  • customs and border control passing, correct customs clearance of goods;
  • warehousing and protection of cargo throughout the transportation;
  • technical equipment of the carrier transport corresponding to a high level of reliability;
  • providing convenient and functional communication at any truck location.

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Importo Group has long-term partnerships with leading international road carriers. The use of our partners’ services ensures the minimum transit time, as well as the optimal transportation costs. In combination with other delivery options, road transport allows to implement flexible multimodal transportation. Depending on the time of the day (and week) an order is placed truck availability is determined primarily by the location of the shipper and usually does not exceed 2-3 business days.

International transportation of goods is a core service of our company, which has its own specifics. Over the years of cooperation with foreign partners, Importo company has established a clear delivery scheme for European goods, both directly to the consignee and through consolidation warehouses in Vilnius (Lithuania). Your cargo goes through all the necessary procedures for registration and warehouse handing. Warehouses handle both EU goods and transit goods. After the consolidation of goods groupage trucks on weekly basis promptly dispatch and deliver goods to customs posts in Saint-Petersburg. There the goods are cleared throught customs, are released for free circulation and then delivered either to a warehouse in Saint-Petersburg, from where they follow to the final consignee, or directly to the final consignee’s door.


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