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Air transportation


We offer the following services related to the airfreight:

  • selection of flight(s);
  • ordering cargo transportation through airline agents;
  • preparation of the documents necessary for shipment
  • pick up and delivery of goods to the air terminal of departure
  • organization of export customs clearance of goods;
  • terminal handling of cargo at the airport of departure;
  • insurance of valuable cargo;
  • receiving of cargo at the airport of arrival;
  • terminal handling of cargo at the airport of arrival;
  • import customs clearance in the airport of arrival;
  • transportation by road to the point of final destination.


We regularly arrange air shipments in the following key directions:

  • Beijing – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Shanghai – Moscow (Saint- Petersburg)
  • Guangzhou – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Seoul – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Tokyo – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Taipei – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Mumbai – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Dubai – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)
  • New York – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)
  • San Francisco – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg)

as well as on over 50 other routes.

We carry out customs clearance procedures of goods at Pulkovskaya, Sheremetyevskaya, Domodedovskaya customs.

We carry out customs clearance procedures of goods at Pulkovskaya, Sheremetyevskaya, Domodedovskaya customs. If the cargo requires additional handling (checking the quantity, quality, marking, photographing, etc.) a combined delivery scheme is used. Cargoes are delivered by air to one of the major EC airports (or directly to the Vilnius airport), then the goods are delivered to the warehouse in Vilnius for handling. After that they are shipped as part of a consolidated cargo (LCL) to the Russian Federation. All additional operations with the cargo are carried out at a multifunctional warehouse in Vilnius.


  • high speed;
  • the ability to deliver cargo to any point;
  • variety of non-stop flight.


  • high cost of air freight;
  • limited dimensions and tonnage of transported goods;
  • restrictions on some types of goods.


It is generally assumed that it is rational to deliver the following goods by air:

  • goods with a short delivery time, when it is necessary to quickly deliver even inexpensive goods. These can be spare parts / components / equipment for idle technological processes (line-stoppers), medical or other high-tech equipment;
  • expensive, valuable cargo due to the need to organize delivery on schedule, just-in-time, as well as to control the location of the cargo at all stages of transportation. These can be art objects, jewelry, watches, historical values, etc.;
  • perishable goods, foodstuffs, cut flowers;
  • small in volume and weight cargoes;
  • live animals;
  • cargo with “geographic” particularities of transportation, for which air freight is the only
  • mode of delivery;

However, these criteria are relative. Quite often clients choose air freight for sufficiently large consignments of cargo in case of economic expediency to “save time” on delivery.


The following general statistics was developed in the world some time ago, which is still practically unaffected by the market:

  • The weight share of airfreights is about 1.3-1.5% of the total weight of all cargoes transported in the world by all modes of transport, but the cost share of airfreights is approximately 35% of the total cost of all cargoes.
  • Currently aircrafts of various airlines fly to the largest airports in 180 countries.
  • There are substantial restrictions on the weight and dimensions of cargo in short-haul and medium-haul aircrafts. Modern long-haul aircraft, as a rule, have the ability to carry significant amounts of cargo. Air freight is mainly carried out over medium and long distances. Consolidation of goods occurs between historically and economically established regional freight hubs (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, San Francisco).

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