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Cargo delivery from Turkey

Importo Company provides services in the international freight forwarding of goods from of goods from Turkey to Russia.

Importo Company provides services in the international freight forwarding of goods from Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is among the top ten non-CIS countries who are Russia’s largest foreign trade partners.

Import of goods from Turkey to Russia is represented by the following groups of goods:

  • machinery, equipment and vehicles;
  • food products and agricultural raw materials;
  • textiles and footwear;
  • chemical industry products;
  • metals and metal products;
  • mineral products;
  • vegetables and some edible roots and tubers;
  • bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furniture;
  • lamps and lighting equipment;
  • plastics and products from them;
  • ferrous metal products;
  • caoutchouc, rubber and products from them;
  • furniture.

Export from Russia to Turkey is represented by the following groups of goods:

  • mineral products;
  • metals and metal products;
  • food products and agricultural raw materials;
  • chemical industry products;
  • wood and pulp and paper products;
  • organic chemical compounds.


Importo company has experience in transportation of goods from Turkey to Russia by all main means of transport.


Russian and Turkey has no common borders. For the delivery of goods from the Republic of Turkey to Russia, the following are used: sea freight, road freight, airfreight, as well as various multimodal schemes based on them.

Sea freight






Multimodal schemes


Sea freight of goods from Turkeyto Russia

General cargoes, as well as part of bulk cargoes, are transported from Turkey in containers. Containers from Turkey are usually shipped on FOB terms (from ports of Istanbul / Gemlik / Trabzon / Izmir). Pick up of containerized cargo from other cities in Turkey (on EXW terms) is also possible.

Cargoes from Turkey are delivered by sea lines to the following seaports of the Russian Federation: Novorossiysk, Ust-Luga, Saint-Petersburg.

Transit time for delivery of containers to the port of Novorossiysk is on average 4-8 days. To Saint-Petersburg – on average 20-25 days. Containers further follow to final consignee either by road, or by railways.

Sea freight of groupage cargoes from Turkey is carried out by Importo through Baltic ports of Riga and Klaipeda, with further consolidation in Vilnius warehouse and trucking to
Russia by groupage truck.


Our company arranges cargo transportations from the Republic of Turkey to Russia by road.

Delivery by full trucks with trailers of the corresponding volume and loading capacity is carried out through Georgia as well as the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and Eastern Europe. Transit time for road transportation from Turkey is 7-10 days.

Groupage cargoes from Turkey are transported by road via Balkan countries to warehouses in the Baltic countries with their further consolidation in Vilnius and dispatch by groupage
trucks to Saint-Petersburg or Moscow.

Airfreight of goods from Turkey

Airfreight from Turkeyfrom Turkey is mainly carried out through the international airports of Istanbul (IST), Izmir (ADB).

Option 1.

Direct airfreight by passenger flights from Turkey to Russia. Such airfreights (including connections) are carried out on a regular basis and have the most attractive prices in the normal season.

Airports of arrival in Russia:

  • Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO);
  • Moscow Domodedovo (DME);
  • Moscow Vnukovo (VKO);
  • Saint-Petersburg Pulkovo (LED).

Компания «Импорто» осуществляет прием of goods с их дальнейшей отправкой получателям, а также customs clearance of goods from Turkey в аэропортах Шереметьево (SVO), Домодедово (DME), Внуково (VKO), Пулково (LED).

Connection of international flights with domestic flights is also possible.

Option 2.

Importo company accepts goods with their further shipment to recipients, as well as customs clearance of goods from Republic of Turkey at the airports of Sheremetyevo (SVO), Domodedovo (DME), Vnukovo (VKO), Pulkovo (LED).


Option 1.

On average, direct air freight from Turkey to Russia takes 2-4 days after receiving the cargo at the terminal of the airport of departure, taking into account terminal handling in the Russian Federation. With this delivery option, it is possible to repack goods, apply the required marking, as well as perform other actions with goods at an intermediate consolidation warehouse in the EU.

Option 2.

Multimodal transportation of goods from Turkey to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg via EU airports takes on average 10-14 days after receiving the goods at the air terminal till delivery by truck to the bonded warehouse.


The import of samples of goods is required for laboratory tests in accredited laboratories of the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) within the procedures of confirming the compliance of goods with the requirements of the EAEU technical regulations.

Customs clearance of samples must be carried out in strict accordance with the current rules so that the received document of conformity would not be recognized as illegitimate in future.

Our company provides services for the delivery and customs clearance of samples of goods from Turkey on a turnkey basis.


Importo Company provides services for Russian businessmen interested in the implementation of foreign trade transactions with counterparties in the Turkey .

We offer:

  • search for manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey;
  • delivery of samples of goods for testing purposes;
  • obtaining permits (declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity) in certification bodies and other authorities;
  • support of transactions for the import of goods from Turkey on a turnkey basis;
  • customs clearance of goods from Turkey Republic in Russia.

Get detailed advice from our experts in delivery and customs clearance of goods from the Turkey !

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