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International freight from Europe to Russia

Importo company renders services in the following types of transportation from EU countries:

Importo company specializes in international freight and customs
customs clearance of goods from Europe. We provide a full range of freight forwarding services for delivery of both FTL / FCL and as a groupage cargo.

Basic goods:

  • industrial equipment, parts and components;
  • marine equipment;
  • furniture;
  • plumbing, fittings, pipes, other components;
  • industrial equipment, parts and components;
  • industrial tools;
  • industrial and household elevators;
  • computer and household appliances;
  • sewing accessories;
  • footwear and clothes, etc.



1. Conducting transactions for the import of goods on a turnkey basis:

  • searching for suppliers;
  • attestation of the manufacturers (the counterparty due diligence);
  • negotiating, agreeing on commercial terms of delivery;
  • signing the contract;
  • fulfilment of financial obligations (payment for goods);
  • product quality inspection;
  • consolidation of goods and export formalities;
  • delivery to temporary bonded warehouse
  • customs clearance in the Russian Federation;
  • delivery to consignee’s warehouse;
  • confirmation of the conformity of goods to the requirements of the EAEU technical regulations.

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2. Warehousing in EU

  • consolidation of groupage cargoes;
  • additional packing for different modes of transport;
  • photographing;
  • products checking, marking;
  • storage;
  • mandatory labelling of goods with DataMatrix codes.

3. Issue of transport documents in the EU

  • Issue of the documents necessary for customs clearance in Russia;
  • EX-1 issue and confirming the exit of goods through the border.

4. International freight in EU

  • groupage cargoes delivery to our consolidation warehouses;
  • delivery of containers to ports.

International transportation of goods from Europe traditionally takes one of the leading positions, taking into account the statistics of Russia’s foreign trade by groups of countries.

  • plastics, rubber, rubber products;
  • paper and cardboard; products made of paper pulp, paper or cardboard;
  • products from ferrous metals;
  • реакторы ядерные, котлы, оборудование и механические устройства и их части; nuclear reactors, boilers, equipment and mechanical devices and their parts;
  • electrical machinery and equipment, their parts; sound recording and sound reproducing equipment, equipment for recording and playback of television
    images and sound, their parts and accessories;
  • vehicles, parts and accessories;
  • aircraft, spacecraft, and their parts;
  • optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring instruments and apparatus,
    control, precision, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus; parts and accessories;
  • furniture; bedding, mattresses.

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