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Cargo transportation from Poland

Importo Company provides services in the international freight forwarding of goods from Poland to Russia by road and by sea.

Our company has experience in delivering the following goods from Poland to Russia:

  • industrial equipment;
  • auto parts;
  • plumbing;;
  • household and industrial tools;
  • furniture, fittings;
  • clothes, footwear;
  • souvenir products;
  • consumer goods, etc.

Importo Company is ready to deliver goods from Poland on turnkey basis, including freight forwarding, warehousing, as well as services related to customs clearance in Russia.


Our company provides regular road transportation of goods from Poland to Russia by standard euro-trailers and road trains. Small consignments of goods are dispatched as part of groupage trucks.The route passes through the Baltic countries.

Groupage cargoes are being delivered with transloading at the consolidation warehouse In Lithuania. When delivering groupage cargoes to the regions of the Russian Federation, they are cross-docked at the warehouse in Saint-Petersburg.


The company offers the following options for dispatch consignments of goods by sea:

  • use of feeder sea line ships, including container ships usinguse of feeder sea line ships, including container ships using leased containers or the shipper’s or consignee’s own units;
  • Short Sea freight has advantages over cargo trucking. Stability of tariffs, affordable cost, increased warranty of goods safety, ease of registration.

Transit time by sea: 4-6 days.


Transit time by road to Saint-Petersburg is 4 – 7 days, by sea freight – 4-6 days.


Declarants of Importo Group of Companies carry out customs clearance of goods from Poland. When transporting by road from Poland to Russia, customs clearance takes place at customs posts of Kingisepp and Saint-Petersburg customs, and in case of sea freight – at the Baltic Customs of the North West Customs Directorate.

Get detailed advice from our experts regarding delivery and customs clearance of goods from Poland.

Phone:+7 (812) 385 11 20 (multichannel)
e-mail: info@importo.spb.ru

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