Назад к верхней части страницы

Cargo transportation from Poland

Importo provides services for international road transport from Poland by road transport.

Our company has experience in delivering the following goods from Poland to the Russian Federation:

  • foodstuffs;
  • agricultural raw materials;
  • plumbing equipment;
  • household and industrial tools;
  • furniture, fittings;
  • clothing / footwear;
  • souvenirs;
  • consumer goods, etc.

Importo Сompany will undertake the delivery of goods from Poland on a turnkey basis, including provision of freight forwarding, warehousing services, as well as services related to customs clearance in the Russian Federation.


Our company has organized road transport of general cargo from Poland to Russia in standard Euro trucks and articulated trucks. Small consignments can be sent as a part of groupage cargoes. The delivery route passes through Baltic countries or Belarus.

Joint cargoes are delivered by trucks with transhipment in Importo consolidation warehouse in Lithuania. In case of delivery of groupage cargoes to the regions of the Russian Federation, they are cross-docked at our warehouse in Saint-Petersburg.


Delivery by truck to Saint-Petersburg takes 4-7 days


Importo Group agents do customs clearance of cargo from Poland. Trucking from Poland to Russia is cleared at customs posts of Smolensk, Moscow regional and St.-Petersburg customs.


We can assist you and arrange transactions of your payments to Polish companies via a trading company in the EU (for goods not included in the EU sanctions lists)

Get detailed advice from our experts regarding delivery and customs clearance of goods from Poland.

Phone:+7 (812) 385 11 20 (multichannel)
e-mail: info@importo.spb.ru

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