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Rail transportation from China


There was always a high demand for rail transport from China to Russia, as well as for rail transportation from Russia to China. But the interest of cargo owners in rail traffic between Russia and China grew significantly in 2016 when our
countries have launched accelerated container block trains from China to Moscow.

Express Block trains usually go to their destination without re-forming and without stops on the way. Regulation of traffic on Russian Railways (Joint Stock Company RZD) presupposes a priority procedure for the passage of express container
block trains. Shipping of cargo by express container block trains from China to the European part of the Russian Federation allows to reduce delivery times compared to sea transportation.


  • It takes 14-16 days only for the train to reach final destination station in Moscow. Region (Vorsino or Khovrino) from China.
  • The total delivery time from the door in China (subject to the location of the cargo in the province where container route starts) to the recipient in the Moscow Region takes 20- 22 days.
  • Block trains pass the entire territory of China to the border of the Russian Federation for 3-5 days.
  • Block trains cross the territory of Russia from Zabaikalsk to Vorsino station along the Trans-Siberian Railway for 7 days.
  • It takes up to 5 days to arrange a railway transit in Zabaikalsk, load onto Russian railway platforms


The main regular container routes starts from stations of cities of Suzhou (80 km from Shanghai), Nanjing, Wuhan, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Dalian. This is because a large number of industries is located in these Chinese provinces and many cargoes are
in transit.

Railway freight by express container block trains is not only possible to the Moscow region. Container block trains through China and further shipment from Zabaikalsk to any destination station in the Russian Federation by container route (if available
on required direction) can also be arranged. Otherwise railway freight are carried out by so-called “single” shipment with car classification. On average block trains run about 1000 km per day, while a single car runs 300-500 km per day.

In addition, recently, containerized cargo services from ports of China, South Korea, Japan through Vladivostok and Vostochny port have been actively promoted with further shipment by block trains to the following stations: Silicatnaya (191000), Kupavna
(230506), Ekaterinburg (780302), Kleshchikha (850204).


From the cities of Suzhou and Guangzhou groupage containers are sent weekly, permitting benefit all the advantages of block trains for the owners of small shipments (from 1 till 25 cub. m) providing cost saving in freight. Weekly about 5-10 groupage containers
starts to Vorsino station from each of these stations. There is particularly no time spent for consolidation. Groupage cargo must be delivered to the station warehouse just in 2-3 days before train departure.


Transportation cost of goods by container block trains from coastal provinces of eastern China to the Moscow region of the Russian Federation is about 20-40% higher than sea freight to the port of Saint-Petersburg. While transit time is 2 times less.
However, if the final place of delivery is located at a distance from the seaport then railway transportation cost corresponds to the cost of multimodal transportation by sea and road.

At the same time railway freight from China excludes port and weather risks. Block trains depart on a firm schedule. Departure schedule on regular routes is stable for a year or more. Importo company offers delivery of goods by container block trains
from the following cities: Chengdu, Guangzhou, Suzhou, YiWu, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan / Xi’an, Shijiazhuang, Chongqing to Vorsino station (Moscow region). Transit time to Vorsino station: 14-18 days. Groupage cargoes are delivered, as
a rule, by express container block trains to Vorsino station or by block trains to Brest / Warsaw with further delivery by road to the Russian Federation.

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