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Customs clearance of goods from China

Importo Company provides services in customs clearance of goods from China transported by air, road, rail and ocean freight.

Customs clearance of goods transported to the territory of the Russian Federation from China does not fundamentally differ from the procedure for customs clearance of goods delivered from other foreign countries that are not part of trade unions or free trade zones of the Russian Federation.

For customs clearance of goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation from China, you should undertake the following steps:

  • 1) Classify imported goods in accordance with the EAEU Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity. Study carefully the nomenclature of imported goods BEFORE their shipment from the territory of China for compliance with prohibitions and restrictions (non-tariff regulation measures).
  • 2) If necessary, it is important to obtain the obligatory permits (declarations of conformity, certificates of conformity, permits, licenses, etc.) for the import of goods into the Russian Federation.
  • 3) Study the measures of customs and tariff regulation applied in the EAEU to imported goods (import customs duty, VAT, excise tax).
  • 4) Study the product for the attitude to brands protected on the territory of the Russian Federation (Rospatent Registers, as well as the customs register of intellectual property rights (TROIS)).

  • 5) Check whether the imported goods, are preferential and whether it is possible to use preferences (China is included in the List of developing countries – users of the system of tariff preferences of the Eurasian Economic Union).
  • 6) Decide on a model of structuring a foreign trade transaction, and an option of customs clearance in the Russian Federation (direct contract, technical importer’s contract / self-presenting of a declaration, work with a customs representative).
  • 7) Determine the size of the delivered consignment (FCL, LCL).
  • 8) Conclude a foreign trade contract with the seller independently, or instruct
  • 9) Ensure control of the goods (quality, quantity) before transferring the balance payment for the transaction and departure from the territory of China.
  • 10) Choose a freight forwarding company (depending on contract transport terms) and conclude an agreement for transport and forwarding services.

    At this stage the other options are also possible depending on the selected model of structuring a foreign trade transaction (see clause 6 above).

  • 11) Make payment for the goods.
  • 12) Request from the seller the correct issue of commercial, and shipping documents (invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading, etc.). The speed of customs clearance and the expenses incurred by the declarant directly depend on correct filling of these documents.
  • 13) Prepare technical documentation for the products (in Russian).
  • 14) Fill in and submit the customs declaration for goods in electronic form.

  • 15) Transfer customs fees in accordance with the customs value *

    * The customs value is determined, as a rule, according to the method of determining the customs value of the transaction costs of imported goods.
    When declaring goods made in China the determining factors for confirmation of the declared customs value by the customs authorities of the Russian Federation are:

    • the selected customs tariff code (EAEU Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity) of the product;
    • cost risks affecting this code;
    • current indices of customs value (the ratio of the customs value of the goods to its net weight).

    If the customs raises doubts about the value declared by the declarant, the customs has the right to appoint an additional check and offer releasing of goods against provision of security payment of customs duties and VAT (taking into account the statistical value of imported homogeneous goods).

  • 16) Participate in operations carried out by the customs authority within the framework of the customs control, present the necessary documents and information before the customs makes a decision on declaration release.

Importo Group of Companies have been providing its clients with reliable services related to customs clearance of goods from China for more than 10 years.

Our representatives work at the customs posts of Saint-Petersburg, Baltic, Pulkovo, Kingisepp, Moscow regional and Smolensk customs.

The presence of our representatives in China guarantees that the necessary documentary operations in China are made in time and on a high level.

We use the model of work that allows within the framework of one (trilateral) contract with the customer to provide the services of a customs representative, as well as an international forwarder. This simplifies the paperwork and frees importers as much as possible from legal formalities related to the import and declaring of goods from China.

With us China will become closer for you, and working with Chinese partners becomes faster and more efficient.

Get detailed advice from our experts regarding delivery and customs clearance of goods from China!

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