Назад к верхней части страницы

Importo LLC company offers a wide range of services for domestic business representatives interested in establishing business relationships with counterparties in China.

Importo representatives operate in Guangzhou and Shanghai cities.

We offer:

1. Search for suppliers and manufacturers in China without further orders placing

  • providing information on 3-5 manufacturers in China: international name, contact details (address, phone, fax, website, e-mails). Enterprises produce the required products and have experience in exporting goods.

2. Selection of the optimal commercial offer

  • directing the commercial request to the manufacturers;
  • business correspondence with Chinese suppliers;
  • selection of a supplier in China with the best basic delivery terms in the respect to:
  • product quality / price / production time / payment terms / convenience of internal logistics;
  • development of the optimal delivery and customs clearance scheme in order to minimize transit time and costs;
  • written report with calculation of the cost of foreign economic delivery of goods, that fully reflects the structure and principles of this foreign economic transaction costs (if necessary);
  • obtaining product samples and assessing their quality (if necessary).

3. Express assessment of the reliability of a counterparty in China (due diligence)

The report contains the following information:

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  • founding members and their shares in the charter capital;
  • the date of registration of the legal entity;
  • legal address and actual location of the company / branches / production facilities;
  • information on management team;
  • information on manufactured goods / rendered services;
  • information on main suppliers / clients;
  • possession / absence of export-import licence;
  • financial information (size of the charter capital, profit indicators, annual turnover).

4. China manufacturer attestation

The report contains the following information:

  • information about the founders and management;
  • the number of employees;
  • types of products manufactured;
  • licenses;
  • certificates;
  • information regarding the structure of labour resources, production capacities, quality control system, the number of suppliers, the presence of own research-and-development division;
  • staff qualifications.

5. Quality inspection of goods in China

  • quality control of goods produced before the payment in full to the supplier for goods to identify possible defects, shortages, re-grading.

6. Control of loading in China

  • control of the conformity of the quantity of the shipped goods.

7. Warehousing

  • acceptance / loading of goods into container;
  • additional packaging of cargo for transportation by various modes of transport;
  • opening, checking of goods, packaging;
  • storage services.

8. Paperwork in China

  • export customs clearance in China;
  • obtaining of a certificate of origin (form A);
  • export declaration issue;
  • certification of the manufacturer’s price list in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of China

9. Local freight in China

  • delivery of groupage cargo to consolidation warehouses;
  • pre-carriage of containers to ports.

10. Accompanying by interpreter-consultant in foreign economic activity

  • when visiting factories, conducting negotiations;
  • when visiting international shows;
  • other consultations in China.

With us China will become closer for you, and working with Chinese partners becomes faster and more efficient.

Get detailed advice from our experts regarding delivery and customs clearance of goods from China!

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e-mail: info@importo.spb.ru

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