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Useful tips when working with China

Recently, services are in great demand that relate to searching of manufacturers of a specific product, placing orders in factories in China, and control over the order execution.

There are lots of recommendations how to work with Chinese counterparties for the new-comers and for professionals.


ПHere are, in our opinion, the main tips for Russian business representatives who decided to organize wholesale deliveries from China:

  • 1. The Chinese mentality, principles and methods of doing business are significantly different from those we are used to.
  • 2. If you have no experience in cooperation with Chinese partners, being guided only by open sources and general experience of foreign economic activity with representatives of other countries, we do not recommend you to start your business by conclusion of large, serious transactions.
  • 3. Chinese entrepreneurs trade with the whole world, and the Russian market is not the key marker for them.
  • 4. Many Chinese entrepreneurs do not trust Russian business representatives.


  • 5. If for any reason (making a trial batch, transferring samples, etc.) you have to transfer to Chinese counterpart the amount that significantly exceeds your risk maximum (the amount which you could lose without prejudice to personal morale and material condition of the organization), we strongly recommend you to carry out a comprehensive check of the Chinese counterparty for due diligence.
  • 6. Do not neglect a personal visit to a factory in China. By such a visit you can easily solve at once a number of issues that, one way or another, meet everyone at the initial stages of co-operation.
  • 7. When negotiating price reductions, be aware that suppliers in China tend to make discounts by using cheaper components and, therefore, deterioration of quality of the product itself.
  • 8. When implementing the first deliveries, carry out inspections of the manufactured batch of goods. Take samples and check them either in the Russian Federation or in independent laboratories in China.
  • 9. Don’t be relaxed, maintain the sense of responsibility of Chinese supplier, combining it with the cordiality.


With us China will become closer for you, and working with Chinese partners becomes faster and more efficient.

Get detailed advice from our experts regarding delivery and customs clearance of goods from China!

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