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Container shipping from China


Container transportation from China to Russia is the most economical and efficient delivery method of large consignments. Standardized marine containers allow to be used as multimodal reusable tare designed for the carriage of goods by sea, road, air, as well as by rail. Multimodal scheme is chosen depending on the locations of the shipper and the consignee.


Depending on the Incoterms terms and conditions agreed by the parties to the transaction, the Seller or the Consignee arranges and pays for the following stages of the multimodal international transportation:

  • empty container supply;
  • container stuffing;
  • delivery of the loaded container to the port of departure;
  • terminal handling charges at the port of departure;
  • booking of a space on a sea vessel and payment for sea freight;
  • loading onto a vessel at the port of departure;
  • unloading from a vessel at the port of arrival;
  • terminal charges at the port of arrival;
  • removal from the port of departure and delivery to the final destination;
  • container unstuffing;
  • return of an empty container to the owner’s (sea line) stock.

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The most popular terms for exported containers from China are FOB (Free on Board) conditions (about 90%), according to which Chinese Seller is obliged to deliver the goods on board a vessel nominated by the Buyer in the port of loading specified by the Buyer. The Buyer accordingly, is obliged at his own expense to conclude a contract for the carriage of goods from the named port of shipment. Customs clearance in China is provided by the Seller / Shipper, who must have an export license in China (or by a freight forwarder on Shipper behalf). Customs clearance in the Buyer’s country provides the Buyer himself.

Buyers of small container lots generally work with shipping line agents via the forwarders.

A small part of Sellers in China prefer to sell goods on CFR / CIF terms, paying for the sea freight, as well as for cargo insurance in favour of the Buyer (on CIF terms). The risk of such delivery terms using is that the Seller, as a rule, seeks to save on sea transportation and buys out the cheapest freight not including unloading of the container from the vessel at the port of destination, terminal / port charges at the port of destination and even often, container reloading at intermediate ports of transshipment. After all these charges are borne by the Buyer.

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The cost of container shipment from China is determined by the following factors:

  • port of loading and port of arrival;
  • container type and size;
  • cargo parameters: dimensions and weight;
  • used sea line;
  • current market conditions of freight rates (usually changes every 2 weeks).

Working with Importo company you will receive high quality services for the delivery of containerized goods from China to Russia on turn-key basis via sea ports of Far East (Vladivostok, Nakhodka, port Vostochny), as well as via ports of the Gulf of Finland (Saint-Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Bronka).

Meanwhile, the company’s experts will quickly and efficiently carry out customs clearance of containerized cargoes from China at sea customs checkpoints.

With us China will become closer for you, and working with Chinese partners becomes faster and more efficient.

Get detailed advice from our experts regarding delivery and customs clearance of goods from China!

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