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International cargo transportation from Egypt

The company “Importo” provides services in organizing cargo delivery from Egypt. Russia keeps the course on strengthening ties with Egypt. The year 2021-2022 was declared the year of humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Egypt. In 2022, trade turnover with Egypt has grown by 28.8%. As of 2023, Egypt accounts for one third of Russia’s trade turnover with Africa.


Imports of goods from Egypt to Russia are represented by the following groups of goods

  • fruits, nuts and vegetables;
  • cocoa, coffee and tea;
  • products of animal origin;
  • textiles, clothing, leather goods and footwear;
  • electrical machinery and equipment;
  • plastics and plastic products.

Exports from Russia to Egypt are represented by the following groups of goods:

  • cereals;
  • copper and copper products;
  • wood and wood products;
  • fats and oils;
  • ferrous metals.


For delivery of cargoes from Egypt to Russia are used:

Sea freight


Multimodal schemes

For cargoes of small weight and volume, air delivery would be optimal. International departures from Egypt are carried out from 14 airports located evenly throughout the country.

The main airports in Egypt are:

  • Cairo Airport (CAI)
  • Sharm el Sheikh Airport (SSH)
  • Hurghada Airport (HRG)
  • Burg El Arab Airport (HBE), Alexandria Airport

Sea delivery to Russia is carried out from ports in the north of Egypt (Doumyat, Alexandria, etc.) by international sea lines Admiral, Arkas and Ruscon to the ports of St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk. Further delivery within the country is carried out by road or rail.

Travel time for sea transportation: about 10-15 days to the port of Novorossiysk, about 35-40 days to the port of St. Petersburg.


The import of samples of goods is required for laboratory tests in accredited laboratories of the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) within the procedures of confirming the compliance of goods with the requirements of the EAEU technical regulations.
Customs clearance of samples must be carried out in strict accordance with the current rules so that the received document of conformity would not be recognized as illegitimate in future.
Our company provides services for the delivery and customs clearance of samples of goods from Egypt on a turnkey basis.




Importo Company provides services for Russian businessmen interested in the implementation of foreign trade transactions with counterparties in the Egypt.

We offer:

  • search for manufacturers and suppliers in Egypt;
  • delivery of samples of goods for testing purposes;
  • obtaining permits (declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity) in certification bodies and other authorities;
  • support of transactions for the import of goods from Egypt on a turnkey basis;
  • customs clearance of goods from Egypt in Russia.

Get detailed advice from our experts in delivery and customs clearance of goods from Egypt!

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