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International transport of goods from Finland

Importo provides services for transporting cargo from Finland.

  • paper and cardboard;
  • foodstuffs;
  • agricultural raw materials;
  • consumer goods;
  • textiles and shoes, etc

Goods transported from Finland are mainly transported by road transport.


Delivery of groupage cargo from Finland to St. Petersburg by road takes 1 to 3 days. Assembled trucks leave Finland once a week according to the timetable. Customs clearance is carried out at the posts of the St. Petersburg Customs. We can also deliver whole containers and container lots.
We are a reliable forwarder for cargo, which is not included on the EU sanctions list and arrives in Russia by air or sea. We arrange all necessary paperwork in connection with the handing over of the Nordic passport and all required documentation to the airports and seaports in Finland.

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We can assist you and arrange transactions of your payments for the EU goods
via a trading company in the EU (for goods not included in the EU sanctions lists).

Get detailed advice from our experts regarding delivery and customs clearance of goods from Finland!

Phone:+7 (812) 385 11 20 (multichannel)
e-mail: info@importo.spb.ru

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